My Story

I have been…procrastinating on this.

I have been writing solely advice so far, but that’s not all I want to do.

Heres part of a story that I’m writing please honestly tell me what you think in the comments section


Here we go:

Everything happens for a reason. At first no one really knows this, until there forced to learn. Forced to see, forced to understand. I know, I mean I think I do. I have had the pleasure of learning the hard way. I go through a lot. A lot more than a lot of people see. I suffer a lot more than any one knows. I learn though, and I get past it. I take everything up at once, my problems, other people’s problems. It’s a lot to handle. Sometimes I feel like I’m just way to young. I feel like a little immature brat, at least I do till some one tells me different. I want someone to tell my different, someone to explain how special I am, these things all most only happen in fairy tales though. The chances I have of finding love are to slim. And it breaks my heart.

He walks up to me like it’s nothing. I can’t believe out of everyone HE is the one who gets picked to be my partner. This sucks. Nickolas Spelling is one of the hottest guys in school, says everyone else. To me he is just a waste of space. A complete waste of space. He walks around like a fricking god and steps over everyone who he isn’t making out with. He is a complete man – whore and once I even saw him smoking out side school. On top of it he is my ex –boyfriend. He used to be dreamy to me; now he is just a complete asshole with a little black book.

“Long time no talk X.” He said as he reached me.

“It was meant to be that way Nickolas.” I reply scooting over to the next chair and pulling out my laptop.

“Aw I missed you to.” He says in that voice I used to love. The voice he used to use when he talked to me to make me kiss him even when I was sad. He immediatly turns the chair I had just vacated from so he sits with the back of the chair in the front. Legs on either said of it.

“Yes because that’s what I meant.” I say opening a blank document in Microsoft word to take notes on. He keeps talking but I drown him out as I title the document and put both of our names under it. I turn towards him when I see him staring at Melinda McFarber’s butt out of the corner of my eye, “How about you go make yourself useful and go get these books from the library?” He shrugs and stands up walking away with the list I gave him. Finally he’s gone.

He came back, books in hand 10 minutes later and plops them on the desk.

“Thanks,” I say not meeting his eyes. I can remember the last time I was able to do that. It was last year when he told me he loved me. An hour later, though, I walked in on him and Melinda McFarber making out in a corner. He had propped her up on the wall like he did with me and was letting her have it all including my love. “So what do you want to be in charge of Nickolas?” I say still avoiding looking at him directly.

“There was a time when you called my Nick.” He says pulling out his computer as well.

“Yeah well, everything has to stop at some point, so Nicholas.” I pull my sweater on to my fingers so they will stop looking like they’re shaking. “What do you want to do for this project?”

“I’ll find the pictures I guess”

“Great. There’s the bell. Bye.” I am so happy that it’s lunch next. I can feel the tears already coming.

Jessica comes and finds me at the start of lunch. I’m sitting with my back against the wall, my knees up, and head down in the girl’s restroom. Big blobs of mascara are running down my face.

“Hey are you okay X?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“You know you suck at lying right?”

“It’s my partner for the project in history.”

“Who is it?” There’s a moment of silence. I should tell her, she was there for me the most during the break up.


“Mrs. Murphy paired you with that asshole?”


“Well buck up sweets, you can’t let him have this control over you”

“But he does Jess!” Jess started pulling me up. She whipped out a mascara wand from her purse and redid it for me fixing the messed up areas with her nail.

“Okay, okay, who says you have to show it though.” What is this crazy woman saying? She can get kinda scary when she’s like this. She took out items from her purse, things that shouldn’t be able to fit in the little thing. She attacked my hair with a gleam in her blue eyes. She pinned it up in intricate braids, a dab of this and that on my face and even I had to admit I looked pretty good.

“You look great!” Jess says admiring her handy work as I stare in the mirror.

“Yeah I do, wow” I grab Jess and hug her really tightly, “Thanks Jess!”

“I love you too,” Jess says wriggling free “but if you mess up my handy work I’ll go crazy!”

I look back to the mirror to make sure I still looked okay.

“Let’s go!”

The lunchroom is crowded but our friends at the table closest to the door have saved us seats. The cafeteria food is actually delicious here. I walk proudly past Nickolas and his crew. I am happy that I catch Nicholas do a double take when he sees me walk by. I don’t know why it makes me happy, it’s not like I still have feelings for him….right….yeah I don’t. As we approach our table Matthew notices us first.

“Hey strangers,” he starts “Where you guys been?”

“Umm…” I look to Jessica for help. “Yeah what were we doing Jess.”

She’s ready like always. “Elixa here waited for me, I got stuck in Mr. Marks’ classroom cause I was late, again.”

“Why were you late this time?” asks Matthew.

“Well I had a serious fashion emergency.” Replies Jessica sliding into the seat next to her boyfriend, Jason Oaks.

Jason laughs at this, “Babe you do realize we where a uniform right?”

“Oh shut up.” She leans over and kisses him.

I am used to them go on like this so ignoring them I sit next to Serena. The friend group is made up of Jessica, Jason, Matt (Matthew), Serena, Finn McFarber, and me.

Serena is sometimes a tad bitchy but otherwise a true friend.

First Kiss


Hello my dears! Today we are talking about first kisses. Two different types. The type when you have just started a relationship, and the type where you have never kissed anyone. Boy or girl. Serena, my dear friend, is my consultant on this as well, because she happens to be one of the best people I know at dealing with awkward situations. She also has experienced being….pressured into having her first kiss. Her ex-boyfriend was, let’s call it a dish*t as*hole with no respect for woman. Translated: a player. Okay, sorry that’s bit stereotypical but you know what I mean. Her advice:

“DON’T let other people, especially boyfriends, walk all over you, if your uncomfortable say something!”

And she’s right, If something in your love life isn’t what you want, change, Move your not a fricking tree!

On the other hand, I understand that out there there are abusive relationships, you may like how rough someone is, and you may just be scared to say anything. But hey, like I always say, I’m just another one of those bloggers, and another girl with advice she thinks is okay to share. Just another crazy, am I right? 🙂




Friendship In Teen Life


Have you ever had those problems when you really just want to be left alone, but your dear friends don’t really get that and you flip out and get mad at ’em. Yeah, I sure have, it’s one of those great feelings (sarcasm). I have found there re a few things you can say to stay calm.

  • When your friend texts you make up an excuse so you can calm down, not something mean, just something to say so that they don’t feel like your ignoring/blocking their calls.
  • If your friend confronts you and your not feeling any great, positive feelings towards them, excuse your self to go to the bathroom of something and inhale and exhale slowly till your feeling sane (the word sane is used lightly ;P )

Just continue breathing until you feel able enough to be near them and not bight their head off….


Juliet ❤

Cologne and Perfume


Okay let’s jump right in. Cologne and Perfume. To me personally fragrance is an enhancer. It enhances the person and makes you want to get closer to them. But, it is not something to marinate in. I hate it when a guy/girl does it. You get this feeling that if you hug them you’ll smell like them for a week. Yuck.

When you are putting fragrance on be careful, please.

More later

Jules ❤

Relationships – The Basic Stages


I’m pretty new at this so sorry if these are a tad weird.

Right now I’m going to talk to you guys about the wonderful thing most teens want/have. A relationship. My best friend Serena Black, is probably the best person to go to about relationship advice, however, I’m not to shabby. From me, a girl’s perspective, to get in a relationship you have to go through stages.

  • Stranger – Before you can get to any other stages you have to actually confront the person and talk to them, duh, geez I feel like Captain Obvious, but its true, and a valuable stage.
  • Acquaintance – Sweetheart you just meant him/her cool it. But at this stage its all about possibilities. If I act super cute and flirtatious it might make me go through the next stage faster, if I act like a complete d*ck or bit*h I’m probably not gonna get very far, and then if I act just normal it can turn out in a number of ways.
  • Friend zone – The glorious stage of being friend zoned dun dun dun! a) relax, b) think. Not every crush ends at the friend stage. I know quite a lot of people who have dug themselves out of the friend zone, but be careful cause the friend zone is a dangerous yet also great realm. If you just flat out tell your crush you like them there could be…repercussions. One possible repercussion is that they have a relationship or you could simply just get shot down. One of my best guy friends happened to like me and I did like him too, but I was afraid it would ruin our friendship so I lied and said I thought of him as a “really great friend”. Yeah, yeah I know. Ouch. But that is also a possibility so my advice is be sure it will actually go somewhere, or be prepared in case it doesn’t work out.
  • First Date – She or he has said yes! Huzzah! The first date is crucial. It shows the person who you are as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some girls or even guys can be extremely picky, an occasionally annoying quality but for the most part involuntary. Be patient. Don’t rush anything, personally I would also say keep it casual.
  • Second Date – You’ve got the hang of it now, proceed with caution. 😉

Heres a story:

August 29th precisely at 7:19 P.M.

I was watching a show on netflix and procrastinating on my homework when all of a sudden my phone buzzed. I looked down and it was from my BFF. Serena said some great news. This guy, Nick, that she was crushing on (hard) had asked her out over text. Key phrase there: over text. I’m sure since Serena isn’t an idiot she realized this but it was hard to tell with how excited she was, I mean I get it but over text, seriously? Well I put that aside and got really happy for her and did what every BFF in this situation would do, helped her out with what to wear.

Me: Where is he taking you?

Serena: To a coffee shop in the square.

Me: Aw! That’s nice!

Serena: HELP ME!

And it continued from there. Flash forward to the big now. September 5th she had her date which had now been extended to also lunch. She sent me a single photo graph of her and Nick on one of those photo booth things, the second to last one was her getting a kiss on the cheek. Aw! Right? Yeah it’s adorable.

I am single recently. I had a hard break up with my ex boyfriend. Hard meaning we weren’t meant to be. I have sworn off relationships and the song “Say Something”. But hey life goes on.

That’s all the drama and advice for now!



The Wide World of Dates


So I’m guessing everyone knows what a date is 😛 There’s actually controversy on what the actual definition is.

Well here’s The Urban Dictionaries:

Two people getting together for an activity when the possibility of romance between them has been broached but not ruled out. Since the exploration of romance is the purpose of a date, merely asking someone out on a date is sufficient to broach the subject. Dates may or not continue once a couple have entered into a romantic relationship. The word “date” may be used to identify a get together between two people not romantically involved, but this usage is meant to convey irony, since such a meeting is not a date in the true sense of the word.
And if you really need an example:
“Yeah, Mike and I went on a date last night. He’s cute, but I’m not sure if I want to get involved with him or not.”
Boom. Hahaha… Okay now that that’s cleared up, here are the top date spots generalized for ya:
Casual Date: Coffee shop, Park, Small Café, Walk, Picnic
More Serious: Night Club, Restaurant (typically at night), a concert, a festival/event
The Most Serious: Parent’s house, Wedding,
I left movies out because it really just depends on a) when the movie is and b) what the movie is
Tip: Most “Casual Dates” are during lunch, when the dimmer lights in restaurants aren’t yet on to the mood lighting, casual dates are also something meant to be fun and light. Most “More Serious” dates are at night, with mood lighting, and other mood setters, that doesn’t mean all, but most.
Casual date: something you feel comfortable in, but with an extra oomph to show its not that out fit you found wedged the space under your bed that smells like sh*t.
More serious: Something nice, something that you wouldn’t wear for absolutely anyone. Like that one dress that is for more special event, maybe painted nails, a bracelet?
Most Serious: It really just depends on the place. Your bae’s parent’s house? Not the shirt you got pizza sauce on, something impressive.

Hello world!

I guess I should say something about my blog hm? Well, I like to give people advice. Mind you people don’t always take it but sometimes, sometimes they do (so there :)) ANYWHO…I have a whole world of advice to dish out and a whole lotta blogging room to do it!

I can be a tad dramatic at times though, so be warned! J.K. (Kinda)


Juliet ❤